Meet Our Team

The dental practice team of Juliane Baumbach in Berlin-Friedrichshain welcomes you. 
Your dental health is our top priority. We would like to introduce you to the talented professionals that make up our team.

Juliane Baumbach Zahnärztin

Juliane Baumbach

2003-2008 Studies at the EMA-University Greifswald
2008-2013 Salaried Dentist in Hellersdorf
2011 Dental support for Dentists for Africa in Kenya
2013 Dental assistant for The Children of the Himalayas eV in India
2014 Practice acquisition
2016 Dental support in Mongolia for khaan medical aid

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Anna Madry Zahnärztin

Anna Martyniszyn

2003-2008 Studies in Bonn
2009-2013 dentist in Medeco Dahlem
2014-2018 dentist in MVZ P4
2018-2022 dentist in MVZ Biesdorf
since April 2023 in our practice

Katharina Zwanzig Prophylaxe

Katharina Zwanzig
Dental Hygienist

Since 2019 in practice
Since 2018 Certified Dental Hygienist

Mandy Schmidt Prophylaxe

Mandy Schmidt
Dental Hygienist

Since 2020 in practice
Since 2010 Completed Dental Assistant Training

Anna Bilgin Prophylaxe

Anna Bilgin
Dental Hygienist

Since 2018 in practice
Since 2010 Certified Dental Hygienist

Anne Hellwig Rezeption/Verwaltung

Anne Hellwig
Reception / Administration

Since 2011 in practice
Since 2009 Certified Dental Administration Secretary

Vanessa Gorny Stuhlassitenz

Vanessa Gorny
Dental Assistant

Since 2019 in practice
Since 2019 completed Dental Assistent Training

Alexandra Paraschiv Stuhlassitenz

Alexandra Paraschiv
Dental Assistant

since april 2021 in practice
Since 2022 completed Dental Assistent Training

Konstantina Ilieva Stuhlassitenz

Konstantina Ilieva

since September 2022 in practice